Stream Report for Pennypack Creek

Monday 3/22/10

Rain with air temps in the 60s, water temps in the low 50s


   The section of Pennypack Creek designated as Approved Trout Waters by the PFBC remains closed to all fishing till the opening day of Trout Season, April 3rd. The section upstream from Huntingdon Pike is open to fishing throughout the year. All trout caught must be released. In fact,the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust has a strict catch and release policy for all species.

   Conditions on this upper section have been very good! Water levels have been up slightly from normal levels, but the stream has been running clear and offering great fishing opportunities. Temperatures have been in the low to mid 50s.

 The Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter of Trout Unlimited has stocked a portion of the trust with 250  Brook Trout. In addition to these fish, holdover Rainbows have been making up a large portion of fishermen’s' catches.

   Spinning fishermen have had good success fishing small Swiss Swings, Rooster Tails and Panther Martins. While the fly fishermen have been scoring with streamers, egg patterns, sucker spawn and midge patterns. Fly fishermen hoping to match a hatch should concentrate on all stages of midges. The most effective pattern has been Al's Rat. Also, a very small, size 22 flying ant (Trout candy) has been very active around the stream. I pumped the stomach of a dead Rainbow that was found on Saturday, to find it was loaded with midges and flying ants.

   Again, keep in mind that Trout season is closed and all trout must be released immediately unharmed. It's a good conservation practice to pinch barbs down on all hooks. And treble hooks should have two of their points removed with wire cutters. These two practices can dramatically reduce mortality.


Good luck, and take a kid with you.

Den Mora


March 22, 2010

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