The Chapter held it's second annual trip to the Salmon River in upstate New York on 11/16 to 11/18. Four Chapter members traveled from Willow Grove to Pulaski, NY Friday morning, and met up with 2 other members who had driven from other areas. After purchasing licenses and some of the "hot" flies, we checked into the Steelhead Lodge - our "home away from home" for the met couple of days.
    We geared up and then headed off to the area downstream from the Trestle Pools. This area had been recommended to us, and we wanted to give it a try. We fished until dark without success. The area is a long riffle leading into a nice pool on a bend in the river. There were a number of other anglers in the area, While they had some success early, no one reported any fish in the afternoon.
   We decided to try further upstream on Saturday. We arrived at the Route 52 bridge in Altmar around 8AM the next morning. It was already crowded, but we managed to find some room to fish. As people left we were able to spread out, and we took turns having lunch so we wouldn't loose our spot. During the course of the day, we hooked @ 20 steelhead, with only a @ 5 0r 6 landed. We were starting to get the hang of how to catch the fish, but need to develop a better system for landing them. We'll be working on this during the year, so we do better next year. I suspect a larger landing net is in the works as well.
    Sunday morning we returned to the same area to find it even more crowded than Saturday. We spread out, and fished both sides of the river. We hooked @ 6 - 7 fish with 2 - 3 landed. We still need to work on the landing part. Actually landing these fish is a real challenge. Between the speed and power of the fish, the strong current and the crowds, it's a balancing act to keep them on the line.
     We fished until 10AM, and then packed up for the trip home. A hearty breakfast, and we headed out for Willow Grove. All in all I would call this trip a success. We caught a fair number of fish, and landed a couple to get a picture or two. Rich Terry had the distinction of landing the most fish, the largest fish and the smallest fish for the trip. I suspect he's already planning on how to top that feat next year. We'll have to wait and see.
Mike Wilson


March 14, 2010
photos (c) by Al Kahoun

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