Rich Terry, Dan Master, Mike Wilson, Tom Flannery and Ryan McKinney. Not pictured Bill Ransford ( official photographer ).

The first annual Chapter Trip to the Salmon River took place this past weekend. Four chapter members - Tom Flannery, Rich Terry, Bill Ransford and Mike Wilson were joined by two guests - Dan Master and Ryan McKinney as we traveled to the Salmon River in New York to fish for Steelhead. We left Friday Nov. 11th at 7:00 AM for the 5 hour drive to Pulaski, NY. We arrived in Pulaski in the early afternoon, and after checking into the Steelhead Lodge ( @ 2.5 miles East of Pulaski ) we geared up and fished the river behind the lodge. The lodge has 550' of river frontage, and we were able to go both upstream and downstream from the lodge.
            Friday afternoon was tough, with temperatures in the mid 30's and snow showers off and on.  No fish were caught, but we started to get a feel for the type of water that held fish, and the flies needed to get a hook-up. It was really nice getting back to the lodge to warm up after a couple of hours in the cold.
            Saturday started off cold, but warmed up as the day worn on. We started fishing behind the lodge, and while we didn't hook-up, a drift boat caught a nice steelhead from one of the runs we were fishing. So the fish were there, we just had to find the right fly / presentation. After lunch, we moved upstream about a half mile to the Sportsman's Pool. Fish were being caught all around us, and a couple of guys had fish on. Unfortunately none were landed.
            Sunday morning we headed back to the Sportsman's Pool, and spread out to try a couple of spots in the area. We had started to get the hang of it, and several guys had fish on, with two fish landed. We quit fishing at 10:00 AM so we could get on the road, and get home at a decent time.
            I looked at this trip as an exploratory journey. We spend a fair amount of time fishing, and started to get the hang of it as the weekend progressed.

 I think we all learned a lot, and I'm looking forward to returning to the Salmon River.  A Spring Trip anyone ?


November 15, 2011
photos (c)

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