Southeastern Montgomery County Trout Unlimited Polarbear Outing January 16,2010

On Saturday, January 16, the chapter held its 3rd annual Polar Bear Excursion. Unlike previous years, the weather actually cooperated with us. We had temperatures in the 40s giving many of the membership a chance to catch some trout in the Little Lehigh. Beside hot dogs and the such provided by the chapter, the Fly shop at the Little Lehigh donated Chili and the fixings to the event. As always, the food was cooked on a grill,  for that summer feeling in the middle of winter.
There was a total of 13 members from the chapter. We also mingled with the Little Lehigh fly fishers who were also on hand.
A good time was had by all. Everyone left happy and full.

Al Kahoun


February 1, 2010

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