The annual Chapter Trip to Penns Creek took place on May 17th - 20th. Seven Chapter members - Dick McKinny ( our host ), Rich Terry, Mike Mulray, Dennis O'Gara, Bill Ransford Sr., Bill Ranstford Jr., and Mike Wilson, were joined by two guests - Jason Terry ( Rich's son ) and former Chapter member Ralph Herbst . Most of us arrived Thursday afternoon, and after unpacking went to the stream to check the conditions. We had gotten a lot of rain on Tuesday night, and the creek was high and off color. It was nowhere near the levels of 2011, but it was going to be tough.
In any event, we rigged up and started to fish. During the course of the 3 days, fish were caught, but the fishing was difficult. The high water limited the areas we could fish, and the rising fish always seemed to be too far out to reach. Even though the fishing was tough, we were treated to an early hatch of the Green Drakes. The Green Drakes are one of the largest Mayfiles, and seeing their hatch is something special. The males hatch first and are matched by a size 10 - 12 fly. The females are really big - probably a size 6 - 8 ( about an inch and a half long ). If you are on the right spot on the creek, the fish go a little crazy feeding on the massive flies. Of course if your on the wrong place on the creek, you get to hear your buddies tell you how great is was. Watching all the drakes hatching with no fish rising is a frustrating experience - just ask me.
While the wading was difficult, no one joined the Swim Team. I chalked it up to less wading and guys being very careful when they did wade. We'll see if we can't do better next year.
Attached are some pictures.




May, 2012
photos (c) by Mike Wilson

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