Ten Chapter members and one former Member spent the weekend of April 18th to 21st at the Lykens Valley Camp along Penns Creek. The early arrivals got to camp on Thursday afternoon. Dick McKinny, Al Kahoun and Mike Wilson were the first to arrive, followed shortly by Mike Mulray, Rich Terry and Dennis O'Gara. After stowing our gear, we prepared to fish the afternoon hatch. We anticipated Grannom Caddis and Hendricksons, and the Hendricksons started to come off as the afternoon progressed. First you had to find a fish that was rising, and then get a Hendrickson dry to him. The fish were hungry, and a reasonable presentation usually resulted in a hook-up. Hatch matching dry fly fishing at it's finest. Everyone caught fish, mostly 10" to 14" wild browns with a couple of larger fish in the mix.
Friday morning we fished to a sporadic Hendrickson hatch. Several wild browns fell to Hendrickson dry flies. After a while, the Hendrickson hatch sputtered out, and the Grannom Caddis hatch started. By switching to a Grannom dry, we were able to hook-up with more wild browns. Former member Ralph Herbst arrived and began fishing to the caddis hatch. After an afternoon break, we were ready for the Hendrickson's in the late afternoon / evening. Rick Embrey and Steve (need Steve's last name) arrived Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather turned nasty. It started to rain around 6:30, and the rain got heavy at around 7:00. The fishing was pretty much over for the day.
A couple hours of heavy rain are a real problem on Penns Creek, and Saturday morning we awoke to high off color water. The fishing was going to be tough on Penns Creek. Rick and Steve headed out to fish a nearby small stream, and did well on wild and stocked fish. The rest of us tried streamers and nymphs to scratch out a couple of fish. The fishing was tough, but camp was great as usual. Spending more time in camp is actually a lot of fun. Telling stories and swapping lies. Walt Kononenko and Jorge Santiago Aviles arrived Saturday, and decided to fish Poe Creek just downstream from camp. They did manage to catch a couple of fish. Sunday most of us decided to pack up early and head home. Rick and Steve / Walt and Jorge were going to fish a small stream on the way home. I'm not sure how they did, but I hope they did well.
So the weekend really was broken down into two separate segments. Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon were nice and the fishing was good. Late Friday, Saturday and Sunday were very tough, and the fishing was very slow. All in all another great Chapter Trip. 

Mike Wilson


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