TU Minutes
- May 8, 2012

     The meeting was called to order.  The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.  The financial report was read.  The
chapter has a balance of $5,703.25.  The report was approved.  Denis Mora gave a report on the Trout in the Classroom.  Denis said that
Crossing Elementary School stocked their fish on April 26th.  Mostly they were about 2 inches long.  May 8th was scheduled for the Swenson
High School trout stocking.  Rich Terry said more members should go out for the stockings next year.  It's a very enjoyable experience.

     The April 28th Lorimar Park Rotary kids fishing event did not draw a lot of kids.  The kids that did show up had a good time.  They even
got to help put trout in the stream at a 1 p.m. stocking.

     Rich announced for the June 2nd Kliendiest Pond event that our chapter members who are going to help out should come at 8:30 a.m.  to
assist in sign up, etc.  Extra hands always help.

     Dick McKenna will talk to the members going to Penns Creek for the May 17th-20th outing at the break.  He'll tell them what to bring, etc.

     The business meeting ended.  After a short break, Tracey Stroup was introduced.  She and her husband, Eric are proprietors of Stroup Fly
Fishing in Spruce Creek, Pa.  She is also a physical therapist.   She had good advice on casting stance, grip, balance and posture while
fishing.  One interesting comment was about the importance of staying hydrated.  She said you should drink 1/2  your weight in ounces each day
for two weeks before going on an extended fishing trip.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill McNamara


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