Feb  Meeting Minutes

Rich Terry called the meeting to order at 7:40pm.

 John Beck performed his first outing as our new treasurer. Welcome on board.

Before officiating at the meeting, John and Den Mora went over the books to ensure that everything was in order. Bottom line – our books are in order.

 The Environmental Center on Veree road will be home to our meetings in March and April.

 Our annual banquet is coming up. It is on March 17th between 6:00pm and 10:00pm. Rich Terry will send out the raffle and entrance tickets. Be on the lookout for them. Should you not receive them please contact Rich. His info is on our web site – www.tu468.org. The raffle prizes are: Third prize – 15” LCD TV. Second Prize – Kindle Fire (think electronic books). Grand prize – Winston Boron II, which is a 9”, 5 wt fly rod.

 Our annual trip to Penn’s creek will be on the weekend of May 18th. Some of the members arrive that Thursday. There will be a sign up sheet during our next three meetings.

We have been asked by the trust to join in a group cleanup of the creek on April 14th.

 Trout in the Classroom info was given by Den Mora. At the one school, they had an issue where most of the fished perished. The Fish and Boat Commission donated more. There were around 20 fish, now the number is around 100. Anyone interested in assisting or heading this project should contact us. TIC is a program where fish are grown in a tank in an area school so the children can watch and learn from their behavior, then the kids assist in releasing the fish into waters that are local to the school. This year’s release date is will be somewhere between the end of March or early April.

 Den also informed us that the herring fishing is closed. Also, fishing the Delaware is now decided at the center of the river and the side you go out on. Pennsylvania or Jersey regulations will apply depending where you are and entered. So if NJ has different dates or regulations on fish, be aware to follow their regs as Pennsy regs will not apply as they did in the past. The good news is now you can use 3 rods.

 Mike Wilson brought up the subject of a potential July fishing trip as our annual ‘Out West’ trip is scheduled for September when we will be going to Alaska. One suggestion Mike had was a trip to the upper Delaware.

 The meeting was adjourned where as we then had a small flea market while rebuilding rods for the Cheltenham school children for their annual derby at Klondeise Pond.



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