TU Minutes - January 10, 2012

     Rich Terry called the meeting to order.  Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.  Rich noted that the next three months'
meetings will be at the Pennypack Environmental Center.  That would be February, March and April.  Rich reported that the Montgomery County
budget had been passed with only slight cuts.  The parks will stay open.

     The fly show in Lancaster will be February 18 and 19th.  We will have a booth.   On Saturday the hours will be 9-6 and Sunday 9-4:30p.m. 
Let Rich know if you can help out.

      There has been a change in the banquet date.   It will be held on March 17, 2012 from 6 to 10 p.m.  Tickets will remain $30.  The
entertainment will be probably be using power point presentation of  previous chapter fly fishing trips.  The fifth annual polar bear fly
fishing trip to the Lehigh will be on January 14th.  Those interested should meet at the trust at 9 a.m.  A reminder was given to get a
license for 2012 if you don't have the senior license.

     It was reported that the Tuesday night fly tying class was going well.

     It was decided that we will make a donation to the Trust for the use of the room and facilities.

     Rich gave a financial report.  We have a new balance of $5,104.

     Mike Wilson reported that the banquet will again be a buffet dinner.  Mike also noted that we will have five work days this year. 
The dates will be May 12th, June 16th, July 14th, August 18th, October 13th.  No September work day due to fly fishing trip in September.  Two
work days will be at the National Trust and three at Lorimer Park.

     The Somerset Fly Show will be January 27-29.  Mike reminded everyone that our next chapter meeting will be our flea market.

     The annual chapter trip to Penn's Creek will be May 18-20.

     There was a good discussion on fishing in the winter.

     Denis Mora reported on Trout  in the Classroom.  The tank in the high school seems to be going well with about 200 fish left.   The
Crossing Elementary has had some trouble with their tank.  It appears there is a fungus that has left only about 20 fish alive.  Fish from the
high school may be transferred to the high school.

      The business meeting ended.  Mark Sedotti was our guest speaker and we were treated to his expertise as a world class fly caster.

Respectfully submitted.

Bill McNamara



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