September 13, 2011

     Rich called the meeting to order.  The minutes from the June  meeting were read and approved.  Rich gave a financial report.  He
stated we have a balance of $5,718.  The financial report was approved.  It was announced that at the next month's meeting the guest speaker will
be Bob Ballentyne.

     Rich said that stocking of the trout will be in October if all goes well.  He reported two storms, Irene and Lee damaged the Pennypack where
we usually fish.  The stream may be a problem getting to due to road conditions.  It will be checked out.

     Various members gave fishing reports.   It was a slow summer for catching trout.

     Mike Wilson gave a report on the Western trip.  He said that everyone caught fish.  They went on four floats.  There were some good
size trout caught and everyone had a good time.

     Mike stated that next year will be a trip to Alaska, probably second or third week in September.  He also spoke of a possible
steelhead trip to New York, maybe late September or early October.

     This Saturday, September 17, will be a working day, probably in the water at Lorimar Park.  Meet at 8 a.m. at the parking lot at Lorimar.

     October 15 is the last work day at the Thompsons, probably planting more trees.

     Denis Mora reported on Trout in the Classroom.  He said that last year was very successful.  The same two schools will be involved this
year - Crossing and Swenson - 9th and 5th grade classes.  Denis said the tanks in the classroom were run to test the chillers and everything
looked good.  Trout eggs will be delivered 1st week in November.

     Denis reminded everyone that the picnic will be September 24th at  Lorimar Park.  The charge will be $6.00 each.  Burgers, dogs and chicken
will be supplied.

     The business meeting ended.  Since we were unable to work on rods as originally planned, we will try to come a half hour earlier (7 p.m. )
before the next meeting which will be October 11th.

     Respectfully submitted,

     Bill McNamara