TU Minutes  - June 12, 2012

In lieu of Rich Terry, President being unable to attend, Mike Wilson chaired the meeting.  The minutes from the previous meeting were read
and approved.  John Beck, treasurer, gave the financial report.  The chapter has a balance of $5,229.15.

Mike Wilson told the members that the chapter board had met.  We will make some changes in how our chapter money is spent.  In the future, we
will allocate our income from the banquet and new raffles in this way: 1/2 to stream improvement and 1/2 to fish stocking and speakers.  Next
year there will be two paid speakers.  We will ask members to share their expertise at some meetings.  We will also try to have some
appropriate videos to show at meetings.

Mike said that the June work day will have to be cancelled  due to other pressing issues.

Denis Mora reported that the Trout in the Classroom program was very successful.  All fish were stocked and now tanks and other equipment are
being cleaned.

Denis reminded us that September 8th is the chapter picnic at Lorimar Park.  Notices will be mailed to all members.  The cost is still $6.

Mike reported on the chapter's annual trip to Penn's Creek.  Not many fish were caught due to high water, but everyone had a good time.

Mike noted that the trip to the Upper Delaware July 27-29 is all set. There is room for one more member.  Cost will be about $60 per night per

After a break, our speaker for the evening, Cinda Waldbuesser, was introduced.  She is a senior program manager for National Parks
Conservation Association.    Her topic was" Protecting Our National Parks".

Respectfully submitted,

Bill McNamara


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