TU Minutes for June 14, 2011
 Al Kahoun called the meeting to order.  Al announced that since our  speaker had  quite a ways to travel, he would give his presentation
 before our business meeting.  This would allow him to get on road early.
 Our guest speaker was Dave Sewak.  He is Trout Unlimited's Marcellus  Shale field coordinator.  His presentation included the whole process of
 how gas is extracted from the shale.  Dave said TU is training  volunteers to do stream surveillance activities and use kits provided by
 TU to monitor streams getting base figures that can be used to compare changes to streams.  Dave gave a website where more information could be  had about what's being done in connection with Marcellus Shale  drilling.  www.sportsmenalliance.org.
 The business meeting was called to order by Al.  Minutes from the  previous meeting were read and approved.  There was no financial report.
 Members were reminded that July 6 at 6 p.m. will be Fishing in the Pennypack for the Trust.
 Mike Wilson showed a new plastic cover that will be used in our work day  maintenance program.  The work day schedule for the summer will be July 16th at the Trust, August 20 and September 17.  They'll probably be  maintenance at Lorimar.  All work days begin at 8 a.m.

 Al reported that the Pine Creek trip was good.  Fishing wasn't great  because water was high, but everyone had a good time.
 A reminder that September 10 will be TU picnic.
 The September meeting will include rod repairs for the kids.
 Denis Mora reported Trout in the Classroom projects are over.  Denis  displayed pictures the kids had drawn and letters they had written to
 our chapter thanking us for the program.  Both Crossing and Swenson will  do it again next year.
 Denis Mora's wife, Sharon, who was Teacher of the Year in Philadelphia  has expressed an interest in the Trout in the Classroom program for the
 next school year.
 The meeting was adjourned.
 Respectfully submitted,
> Bill McNamara