TU Minutes  -      May 11, 2010
    Rich Terry called the meeting to order.  Minutes from the previous  meeting were read and approved.  Joe gave the treasurer's report.  We
 have a balance of $3,363.24.  The financial report was approved.  A  letter was read by Rich from the Rotary thanking our chapter for helping
 out with the Fishing Derby of April 26.
 Rich gave a report of the day.  There was a brief discussion at Turtle Rock.

 Dick McKinney asked for a final count for the Penn's  Creek outing. 

  Sam Shields suggested that next year, we bring containers to the  Rotary outing to separate the bait rather than giving a whole box.
    Mike Wilson reported on the Blair Mill Elementary School .  He said  participation was down from the year before, but it was still a
 success.  Of  70 trees to plant, township dug some holes for big trees. 
 Only a few were left to plant.  Remaining plugs were to be put in by a  5th grade class.  Mike said the wetlands looked great.
    Workday in June will be at Thompsons.  Mike will firm up the date.
    Concerning trout in the classroom, Denis got contracts for the two  schools.  He needs a letter of commitment.  Denis also said he needs to
 get some specific training.  He will get information for equipment and  be ready for fall.  Rich read a letter concerning a raffle for Trout in
 the Classroom.  Each chapter is being sent four books of 10 tickets.   The chapter is requested to buy the tickets and sell them to members.         This is a big fund raiser for the Pa. Council Trout Unlimited.
   It was brought up that we should print raffle tickets to raise funds  for our chapter.
    Mike reported on the fly fishing expo which will be held at Valley  Forge next year and what our involvement should be.
    The meeting ended.
    A flea market was held following the meeting.  There were some good  buys made by members.
 Respectfully submitted,
 Bill McNamara