TU Minutes - Meeting  April 12, 2011

    Rich Terry opened the meeting.  The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.  Rich gave the treasurer's report.  The chapter
 has a balance of $6954.00.  After all expenses for the banquet there was a net gain of $1560.00.  This added to the $1752.00 made on the sale of
 raffle tickets at the Fly Show less the prizes gave us over $2700.00 profit.  Rich thanked Mike Wilson for being the speaker.  The financial
 report was approved.

 Rich said we will definitely do the Valley Forge Fly Show next year.

Mike Wilson reported that he has had no response from Blair Mill  Elementary School.  He would like us to get over there to do some general

  Mike said our first work day will be after our next meeting.  He would   like us to get up to the Trust to do maintenance on the trees.

 Rich made a further comment about the banquet.  He said there more  people this year than last and the prizes and food were great.  A good
 time was had by all.

 The Rotary Fishing Day will be held April 23 in Lorimar Park.  Set up  will be 7 to 8 a.m.  Bring things to help the kids like split shot, etc.

    Denis Mora reported on our Trout in the Classroom project.  The one  tank at Swenson School which had the problem of feeding the fish too     much  caused the fish to be released a little early.  The had grown to 4 to 5  inches.  114 fish were released.   About 90 5th graders showed up for
this.  Denis says that overall this year's program was a huge success.   Rich reported that the construction work on the Trust will begin this summer.

 Dick McKinney will put out a sheet for sign-up for the Penns Creek trip  May 20-23.

 Rich introduced our speaker for the evening - Samantha Kutskel.  She is the Education Outreach Coordinator for Pennsylvania Trout Unlimited.

  Respectfully submitted.

  Bill McNamara