TU Minutes - April 13, 2010

    Rich Terry called the meeting to order.  The minutes from the previous  meeting were read and approved.  The treasurer's report was read and
 approved.  Joe reported that our chapter has a balance of $8,197. 81 in  our account.  Joe said that the banquet made a profit of  about $875.00.
 He also reported that there were 48 people at the banquet and in the past  we've up to 65 people in attendance.  The committee will look into other
 venues for the banquet.  We'll look to lower the costs.  This year we paid  $2200 for the room, speaker , food and prizes.

    On April 24th we will hold the fishing derby in Lorimer Park from 8-2.  Your help is needed.

     On May 1st the Blair Mill Elementary School Watershed Day will be  held.  Mike will need help on Friday, April 30th to clear part of the
 area.  On Saturday, another 65 trees will go in.  In the wetlands, there  will be 1100 small plugs put in.  There will be food, face painting, lawns
 to meadows, butterflies and birds and lots of other things for the  children and adults.

   On June the 5th, there will be a  "fish for free day" at Alverthorpe  Park.

    The first chapter work day in June will be back at the Thompson's.  Mike reported that they (Thompsons) were able to get another 120 acres
 protected in the Pennypack headwaters.  Mike also reported that a tree   (sugar maple) was planted in Alverthorpe Park in this chapter's honor.

    Denis Mora reported that two grants were approved in the "Trout in the  Classroom" project.  Next step will be to get contracts.  Everything is "
 a go" in this area.  The two schools involved will be a third grade class  at Crossing Elementary and a high school class at Swenson High School.

    Rich Terry reported that the TU paper will end this summer on paper and  be available online.  If you wish to receive it in paper form, you will
 have to sign up and pay $10.  Rich Terry said he will submit more articles  to this publication concerning our chapter.

    A signup sheet for the annual Penns Creek outing, for May 13-16 will be  on the table.

    The business part of the meeting was adjourned and following a short  break we had a very interesting power point presentation from Rod Rohrbach  from the Little Lehigh Fly Shop.

 Respectfully submitted.

 William McNamara
 Recording Secretary