Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468

Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2015


Attendance: 23

7:30 meeting called to order


President: Rich Terry

Treasurer: Dennis O’Gara

Membership: Dennis Mora

Secretary: Clem Mclaughlin


Minutes from February meeting read and approved

Treasurer’s report read and approved


Presidents Report:

·         The Lancaster Fly Show was a success for banquet ticket sales.  Rich, Mike, Dick and Al attended the show on Saturday and Sunday.  Our booth was set-up in the lobby and displayed our banquet prizes; kayak, fly tying kit and an LL Bean fly rod and reel outfit.  Saturday sales were better than Sunday due to attendance being greater on Saturday.  A total of $1,766.00 in ticket sales was generated.  Rich thanked all who participated

·         The Valley Forge Chapter of Trout Unlimited will hold its annual trout show on March 26, 2015.  Details are available for anyone looking to attend.  It is always a great show.

·         Member support is requested to help fight the proposed changes to DHALO waters by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.   Comment cards are available to be filled out by members wishing to express their opposition to this proposed change.  Rich will forward the completed cards.

·         There will be a clean-up day hosted by the Trust on Saturday, April 4, 2015.  Please lend your support if you are able.

·         Two generous donations were made to our chapter through our online PAY PAL account.  We appreciate the donor’s generosity and will use the funds for stream enhancement and enjoyment for all.

·         The chapter banquet is Saturday, March 21, 2015.  It will be held at the Willow Grove Moose Lodge. The cost is $30.00 per person and includes dinner.  Anyone who can bring an appetizer or desert is encouraged to do so.  This is our only fund raiser.  Monies raised enable us to continue our stream enhancement projects and run the chapter.  Please come out and enjoy a great evening

·         Jim McDevitt spoke about Project Healing Waters.  A new program based out of the Hatboro YMCA is currently being developed.  Volunteers to assist with fly tying, fly casting instruction and general support are needed.  More information to follow.

·         New guests: Dan, Dan and Jim were welcomed!


Mike Wilson:

·         Thanked all members who tied and donated fly’s to support banquet ticket sales at the Fly Show.  Anyone who purchases a book of chances for $5.00 gets a free fly.  It really helps boost ticket sales.

·         The annual chapter trip this year will be to the Yellowstone area. We will depart on August 1 and return on August 9.  Nine members are going.

·         Next year’s trip will be to Alaska.

·         Mike surveyed the membership to see how many would be interested in participating in a stream enhancement project in the Trust. 10-12 members showed support.  He will coordinate with the Trust and PA Fish and Boat.  More information to follow.


Speaker: Mike Wilson

Presented  programs on past chapter trips to Penns Creek  and fly fishing the Yellowstone area.




Tight Lines,

Clem Mclaughlin





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