TU Minutes Chapter 468 - March 8, 20ll

    Rich Terry called the meeting to order.  Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved without change.  Since we have no
treasurer, Rich Terry gave the report.  The chapter has a cash balance of $2900.00.  He noted that a payment was made to the Trust for
$300.00.  This gift will be matched.  The payment of $300 is in addition to our annual donation of $350.

    Rich noted that the fly show at the Valley Forge Convention Center on March 5-6 was a huge success.  He said that everyone involved had a
lot of  fun doing it.  A great many banquet chances were sold and a fly was given to anyone buying a book of tickets.  Kids got a donut. 
 A quote from Rich:  "We did well with ticket sales".  Rich announced there would be stocking of 250 rainbow trout in the Pennypack.  Anyone wishing  to assist should meet in the Trust parking lot Friday, the 11th.  All are invited to help.

    The banquet will be March 19th.  If you are attending you are asked to bring an appetizer or dessert.  Help will be needed at the Moose at 2
p.m. to set up.  Mike said they are still taking donations.

    Mike listed some dates for us to keep in mind.  April 9th from 10-noon, there will be Trust cleanup.  April 23 will be the rotary
fishing day.  April 30 or May 7th for the Blair Mill School project Mike will set this up.  The Penns Creek will be May 20-23.  Mike also
listed work days for the summer, they will be June 18, July 16, August 20, September 17 and October 15.  Our picnic will be Saturday, September 10.

    The chapter has a tentative trip to go to Cabelas, November 12. Mike reported the trip to Montana, everything is ready to go.

    Mike is now working an Alaskan trip for mid September 2012.  More information to follow.

    Denis Mora reported on the Trout in the Classroom.  He said that there was a tank problem at Swenson School which will cause the early
release of some of the fish.  April 11, it is planned to release all fish with 5th and 9th grade taking part.  Our speaker in April will
speak about Fish in the Classroom.

    Rich ended the meeting and following a break we enjoyed an excellent presentation from Don Baylor who talked about hatches in the Poconos and
upper Delaware River.

    Respectfully submitted.
    Bill McNamara