TU Minutes - March 9, 2010

  Rich Terry called the meeting to order.  The treasurer's report was  read and approved.  The banquet will be this Saturday,  March 13.  Those
 attending could bring an appetizer or dessert.  The banquet committee  will meet at 2 o'clock for setup.  Mike Wilson asked members to bring
 donations of anything for the silent auction at the banquet. 

 Saturday, April 10th, we will meet at the Pennypack Trust.   TU can  get up to 100 trees for planting.   We will do some maintenance and
 plant trees at the headwaters of the Pennypack on the Thompson property.

 Saturday, April 24th will be the kids fishing derby in Lorimer  Park.  Members are asked to attend and help out.

Saturday, May 1st will be  Blair Mill  Elementary School  Day. There will be trees to plant and many other activities.  More  information will be forthcoming.

 Rich asked if anyone had been to other fly shops for the banquet. 

 It was reported that the fly  tying classes on Tuesday nights are going  well.
 July 6th at the Pennypack Trust will be an after dinner event for  teaching kids to fish.
 Rich Terry reminded everyone that if you're over 62, you can get a life time pass for national parks.
 For our May meeting we will try to have a flea market.  Bring any  fishing items you may want to part with.
 There will be a stocking of trout on March 19th.  Anyone interested  should meet at the Trust at 1p.m.

 Mike Wilson reported that he fished last Sunday on the Pennypack and  got six fish including one rainbow.  Four were caught on Al's rats.

 Denis Mora reported that there were two grants for Trout in the  Classroom.  More information about this will follow.
 Mike Wilson reported that due to our commitment we will have a tree  planted in this chapter's honor.  The site is to be selected.

   Meeting was adjourned.
 Respectfully submitted,

 Bill McNamara
 Recording Secretary