TU #468 Meeting Minutes for Feb. 09, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 7:45 by Rich Terry.

The treasurer’s report was approved by the membership. Note, treasurer stated that he would have an updated statement for the next meeting.

The banquet was briefly discussed. It is on March 13 at 6PM. The guest speaker will be Ben Turpin who will be providing a presentation on trout fishing in eastern PA.  Rich Terry had extra banquet and raffle tickets for anyone who needed them.

The Polar Bear Excursion was a successful event this year with 13 members attending.  The membership had fun catching fish in the +40 degree weather. The food, as usual, was good.

The Monday fly tying classes are proving successful as well with a  good turnout from the membership.

Den Mora brought to the table that the folks at Fox Chase Farms had requested help with the Trout in the Classroom for two of the area schools. Den will assist with the grants. We had a grant turned down last year, due to the fact, as we recently learned, that the age of the students, Kindergarten, was deemed too young to appreciate the lessons of program.

We are planning to stock more trout the week after the banquet. A brief discussion occurred as to what type of trout would be best. While some of the members would like to see brown trout being stocked, the most common trout being raised in our area is the rainbow trout. We are planning to purchase 250 9” trout to stock the Pennypack with.

We are hoping that the Trust will allow us to add the heading to the Catch and Release signs that will be put up before start of trout season.

Mike Wilson had these items to go over.

1.       Jen Sherwood, who was instrumental in our receiving of the Abington environmental plague last year, stated that they will be planting a tree in our honor as well. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where the tree should be planted? It, obviously has to be in Abington township.

2.       We are able to purchase 100 elm trees at an excellent price. We discussed where to place them. Tentatively, it was agreed that we will donate 25 to the Clare Brook Park and plant the rest at the Land Trust in Hatboro. We are shooting for a planting date of March 27th to plant the 75 trees and, if time permits, perform  maintenance on other trees and fences that are in need of repair at the Land Trust.

3.       The Blair Mill Watershed Day will be on May 1st this year. It will begin around 10 or 11AM. Along with the elms, there are 80 other trees to be planted by the residents of the neighborhood. There will be presentations by Andy Desko of the PA Fish and Boat Commission and Jason Cruz of the Phila. Water dept. There will be info on rain barrels and rain gardens as well. More info will be provided as we get closer to the event. There are many people who will be volunteering their services for the event.

4.       The Rotary Club’s annual youth day fishing derby will be on Sat. April, 24th. We will be lending a hand and assistance as we normally do.

5.       Mike handed out info on the chapters upcoming trip to Montana and mentioned that next year we will be looking at northern California, Redding area, with a side trip to Yosemite national park.

It was noted at the meeting that Sporting Gentleman will be holding a 20% off sale for members of any of the areas fishing clubs. This will occur on March 6th, between the hours of 10AM to 4PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20

Due to the inclement weather, this month’s speaker had cancelled and will be re-scheduled as soon as an opening is found. As the snow had already developed during the meeting, the membership chose to leave early while the roads were still safe.