TU Minutes from meeting of 12/08/09

Rich Terry called the meeting to order.  Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.  Financial report was read and
approved.  It was agreed to give the trust $350 for the meeting room.  A $250 deposit was sent to the Moose Hall to reserve the banquet room.

Rod at the Little Lehigh will be contacted to see if he could do the presentation on" fishing the bottom" when we have our polar bear
expedition to the Little Lehigh.

Rich reminded everyone that the banquet would be Saturday, the 13th of  March.  Rich said the prizes will be basically the same as last year. 
George (Frank's Fly Fishing) said he will donat a $50 gift certificate prize.  Fly tying class will be held at Frank's Fly Fishing at 7800 High
School Rd, Elkins Park on January 11 beginning at 7:15 p.m.  Sam Shields will instruct the first class.

Mike Wilson gave the agenda for the Montana trip of  July 24 - August 1.

Mike Wilson reported that the Thompsons bought the Alder property and  that now the headwaters of the Pennypack are nearly totally  protected. 
Mike also said there would be plenty of projects for our chapter to do. Beside our regular Saturday workdays, there is also being planned
another watershed day at Blair Mill Elementary School.

Sam Shields called our attention to the drilling in our state which is going to affect water quality.  This is the Marcella Shale drilling  for
natural gas.   One of the major problems is the  transporting of the chemically  polluted water away from the drilling sites.

Rich Terry gave a report on the fishing in the Pennypack and noted that the rainbows were still active.

After  a break, the speaker, Andy Desko, from the Pa. Boat and Fish Commission gave an interesting power point  presentation on
macroinvertebrates in streams.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill McNamara