1.      The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Rich Terry.

2.      As the chapter secretary was not present, Octobersí minutes were not read.

3.      The treasurer,  John Beck, provided his report which was approved by the membership.

4.      The chapter by-laws were amended to be in compliance with nationalís requirements. The by-laws are basically a mirror image of the state TU by-laws. The new by-laws were approved by the membership.

5.      Den Mora gave an update on the two Trout in the Classroom projects that we have in progress. Both schools now have the eggs, which were in good shape, and the programs are going forward.

6.      Mike Wilson reported on the planting of the River Birches at what use to be the Natural Land Trust, which the Thompsons now have ownership of. In an unexpected gesture, the Thompsonís wrote us a check for the cost of the trees.

It should be noted that the land is no longer viable for grants as it is no longer public property.

7.      Mike also pointed out that we will continue to plant the river birches close to the creek and red buds plus pin oaks as we move further away from the water.

8.      There will be at least 2 work days this summer and one in the fall.

9.      There will be a trout stocking at the Pennypack on Thursday. Members are to meet in the parking lot of the Trust at 1pm. We will be stocking 250 ten inch rainbows.

10.  This yearís trip out west will be to the Redding area of California. The game plan is to fish there for 7 days, and for those interested, to spend several days in Yosemite Park. The dates are tentative for either the last week in June or the weekend after the 4th of July which would be Saturday, July 6th.

11.  After the business meeting we had refreshments and the normal dollar raffle for a plethora of prizes.

12.  Barry Beck gave an upstanding presentation on the art of dry flying.


Respectfully Submitted by:

Al Kahoun



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