November 8, 2011
     Rich Terry called the meeting to order.  The minutes from the  previous meeting were read and approved.  Rich gave a financial report. 
 We have a new balance of $ 6,152.00.  The financial report was accepted.
     It was announced that November 9 we would be stocking 225 trout in the Pennypack.  Those interested should meet in the Trust parking lot at
 1 p.m.  Rich said the fish were 10-12 inches and the approximate cost was $400.  The water level appeared ok.  There is still silt in the
 pools and a lot of rocky bottoms are filled in, but it was reported that there were still healthy looking trout available.
     It was announced that our annual "polar bear" trip to fish in the Lehigh will be Saturday, January 14, 2012.  More information will follow.
     Mike Wilson reported on the steelhead trip planned for November  19-20.  He said they have good reports on water conditions.  Mike also
 gave an update on the planned Alaska trip for next September.  Members interested should see Mike right away.
  The work days for this year are over.  Our board has approved a  budget for buying trees.  We'll be discussing this during the winter.
      Denis Mora gave a report on Trout in the Classroom.  He said the  two schools involved had each received 500 trout eggs.  He will keep us
 informed as to the activities in this program.
     February 16-19 will be the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sports show  in Oakes, Pa.  We will have a booth in the Lancaster Fly Show February
 18 and 19.  More will follow.
  Rich asked members if they could bring six flies to our meetings  for the purpose of our lottery prizes following our business meeting.
     Rich declared our meeting over and introduced our speaker, Jonas  Price, owner of "The Feathered Hook", a fly shop on the fabled Penn's
 Creek in Coburn, Pa.  Jonas gave an excellent power point presentation  on "Five Creeks of Center County".
 Respectfully submitted,
 Bill McNamara