Minutes from the meeting of the November 10, 2009 meeting.

Rich Terry called the meeting to order.  There were no minutes from the previous meeting.  The treasurer's report was read and approved. 
Currently our funds stand at $8494.03.

Rich said that the speaker tonight would be Jeff Featherstone.

There were 250 8-9 inch rainbows and brook trout which cost $404 recently stocked in the Pennypack.  Rich gave a report on the fishing
after this stocking.  He said the fish appear to be doing well.  He invited everyone to get in some good fishing on the Pennypack.

There was a discussion about having work days in the spring.  Mike Wilson reported on Blair Mill Elementary School.  He said there is a
grant to do plantings in the wetlands created at the school.  Another Watershed  Day event is being planned .

Everyone was asked to  be current in paying their dues.

The next annual Polar Bear fishing trip to Little Lehigh has been set for January 16th.  All are welcome.

After a break, lots of prizes were raffled off including an unwanted size 8 fishing boots.

Rich introduced the speaker for the evening.  The members were treated to a fine presentation by Jeff Featherstone from Temple University.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill McNamara, Secretarh