Trout Unlimited Chapter 468 Meeting Nov. 11, 2008

Rich Terry called meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Dennis O’Gara read the treasurer’s report. He stated that he had paid $100 for chapter 468 to be reorganized as an official charity organization. His report was accepted as read. This was followed by some discussion of preparing non-paper minutes to be distributed who had computers. Since not all members have computers it was decided to shelve this point for a later date.

It was brought up that there are some hats and other clothing items still available for purchase. They’ll be brought in at our next meeting. There was discussion concerning the banquet March 14, 2009 at the Willow Grove Moose Hall. Rich mentioned the possibility of different prizes for the raffle ticket. This will be pursued by the board members.

The date of January 17, 2009 was set for the chapter Little Lehigh fishing trip. A signup sheet will be put out at our next meeting.

There will be fly tying classes which will probably be held for “beginners” class first and then this would be followed by more advanced classes to be held later.

Mike Wilson reported on his presentation on October 24, 25th for Project Headwaters.

Our chapter’s annual fishing trip will be to Colorado from July 11-19. The cost will be between $1500 and $1700. A few spots are still available.

Mike Wilson said Hook and Hackle Company is collecting money for wounded veterans. The group was told of the fly tying symposium on November 22nd and 23rd at Somerset, N.J.

There were lots of prizes brought for this night’s raffle.

Denis Mora asked everyone to be sure their dues are paid up for the year.

There was some discussion of the amount to be paid to the Trust for the yearly rental for the meeting room.

Mike Wilson gave an update and said that we have plenty of work ahead of us. He’s pleased that we are getting recognition from outside groups.

The business meeting ended and after break and the raffle was held, Dave Burke from the Pa. DEP was introduced. He gave a presentation on how our environment is being damaged, especially from storm water and runoff.

Submitted by Bill McNamara, Secretary