TU Chapter 468 September 14, 2010 Minutes

   Rich Terry called the meeting to order.  The minutes from the June meeting were dispensed.  Financial report was read by Joe Pitonak.  He
reported that our chapter had balance of $3758.81 in the checking account.  Rich reported that next month's meeting our speaker would be
Frank Swarmer who will talk about fly fishing on the Salmon River in New York.

   Sam Shields reported on the need for band-aids when fishing.  He told the story of dogs knocking him down and needing ER treatment.  It would
have been worse without band aids.

   Rich reported that the TU magazine will now be on the internet or cost you $10 if you do not have a computer.  Magazine will be sent every
3 months.

   Mike Wilson reported on the summer trip to Montana.  Thirteen guys went.  He reported on the different rivers that we fished and it was a
great trip and everyone caught fish.  A good time was had by all.  He said the 20ll trip will be to California and sign up sheet would be put
out tonight.  The trip will probably be in October due to water conditions.

   August 28th was a work day at Meadowbrook Apts. and several tons of  rock were put into the embankment.  Volunteers were offered free rounds of golf.

   On Tuesday, October 12th, Mike Wilson will be looking at the National Land Trust at the Thompson's to see what work needs to be done.  On
October 16th, a work day at the trust will be used to improve our trees and bushes for a final wrap up for the winter.  Tom Flannery offered a
review of how to cut the roots for proper placement in the holds so that the trees will not be root bound.  There will be new plantings in the
fall done by our chapter members.

   Denis Mora, Rich Terry and Mike Wilson went to the old dam site and reported that everything looks good.  The willows look good.  They said
the other side had some dead trees.  At the Blair Mill Elementary School, Mike Wilson reported that everything looked great.

   We will stock trout in the Pennypack in October or November if the water level is OK.

   Denis Mora reported that Trout in the Classroom is up to speed.  Two fish tanks and all supplies will be at the schools.  The fish will be
delivered in October.  Swenson School at Red Lion and the Boulevard and Crossin Elementary at Oxford and Cottman are ready to go.  They will
hopefully raise the fish to fingerlings and release in the Pennypack.  TU  is funding each school.

   Rich Terry reminded members that the picnic would be Saturday and to let Den know and the cost is $6 per person.

   Denis will collect dues at $20 per member tonight and you must be a member of National T.U.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill McNamara