TU  #468   Meeting   June 9, 2009
The meeting was called to order by Rich Terry at 7:30 p.m.  Minutes from previous meeting were read and approved.  The treasurer's report was read by our new treasurer, Joe Pitonak.  The report was approved as read.  Rich noted that the Alverthorpe Park fishing day was a big success.  Several members from our chapter helped out.  a 28 in. catfish was caught along with some bass.  The kids all had a good time.  There was a report made that we need to improve our ways of setting up the rods for next year's event.  Dick McKinney reported that 14 went on the Penn's Creek fishing weekend.  Had rain off and on and the fishing was challenging.  A good time was had by all.  Nearly everyone caught fish. 
Mike Wilson will present tonight's program. 
Workday is scheduled for June 20th to put in trees at Thompson's estate.  Mike reported that we have 200 trees given to us.  They are in Lorimar Park.  Mike asked for help from anyone who could come to Lorimar Park on Saturday, the 13th to put trees on the old dam site on Huntingdon Pike.  Gather at the parking park (Lorimar Park) if you can help.  Trees will be given to the park or TU members if any are left.  Mike put out signup sheets for June 13 and 20th.  Bring a shovel, gloves, etc.  
Mike will present "Redgold" a DVD on Alaska.
Meeting was adjourned for a break before Mike's presentation.
Respectfully submitted.
Bill McNamara