TU #468  May 12, 2009 Minutes
        The meeting was called to order by Rich Terry, president.  Minutes of the April 14, 2009 meeting were read.  With no changes, the minutes were approved as read.  Dennis O'Gara gave the treasurer's report.  It was approved as read.  Dennis announced that Joe Pitonak has agreed to take over as treasurer effective immediately.  Rich Terry said that tonight will be the rod building for George Benson.  Mike Wilson passed around some pictures of the watershed day event.  He said 190 trees were planted, a rain garden was made, a 90 gallon tank was donated by Rich Terry's company and 60 rain barrels were given out.  The Name the Stream contest was won by a 1st grader and the stream now will be officially called "Babbling Beagle Brook".  Mike thinks that for a future project we could plan to plant 5,000 trees in 10 years.  Mike was applauded for his diligent work putting together Watershed Day at Blair Mill Elementary School.
    Paul Stahl read from a letter from Richard Freed concerning the Rotary fishing derby held on the same day as Watershed Day.  He noted that the Rotary really missed the usual Trout Unlimited participation especially in helping and teaching the children to fish   It was agreed that more work needs to be done to avoid this kind of conflict in the future. 
    There was debate on having a stocking of trout in the Pennypack in October. 
    Dick McKinna said that there would be signup sheets for the Penns Creek fishing trip, May 15-17.  
    Denis Mora said that the Trust asked  TU to run an event on July 21st.  More information will be forthcoming.
    Mike Wilson said that this should be a maintenance year for our stream projects.  Maybe take a year off from Harpers Run.  Or finish up Harpers Run and then move on.
    A work day will be held on June 20.  More information about this in the next meeting.  
    Meeting ended and the group worked on the rods.
     Submitted by 
     Bill McNamara, Secretary