Meeting Chapter 468  March 12, 2013

     Rich Terry called the meeting to order.  Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.

     Rich reminded everyone that the chapter banquet would be on Saturday March 16th from 6 to 10 p.m.  Mike Wilson will be at the Moose
Hall at 2:00 p.m. for table set up.  Anyone who can help out would be welcomed.

     Rich reported that the Lancaster fly show was successful as far as selling raffle tickets.  On Saturday $1078.00 were sold and Sunday
another $700.00.  Rich thought that this amount was sold due to the good prizes offered.

     Members were reminded that the Valley Forge Fly Show will be held at VF Middle School Thursday, March 14.

     Penn's Creek sign up sheet was out for members.  This trip is Thursday April 18 to Sunday April 21.

     Denis Mora reported on Trout in the Classroom.  The report was not good.  The 2nd batch of trout had died.  No idea why.  There won't be
any more tries this year.

     Rich reported that 100 Brown and 100 rainbow were stocked in the Pennypack.  The fish were active.  Members should give it a shot while
conditions are right.

     Mike Wilson reminded everyone to keep making flies.  They are a great give away when selling raffle tickets at shows.

     Mike also mentioned that Cabelas is sponsoring an event  on Saturday August 17 and Sunday August 18 to benefit "Casting for
Recovery" for women recovering from breast cancer.

     Following a break the chapter was treated to a presentation by George Douglas who recently wrote a book "The Fishing Gods".  The book
is a collection of many leaders in fly-fishing and gives us a look at their techniques, patterns, concepts and philosophies.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill McNamara



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