TU Chapter
468  Minutes of February 11, 2014

     Rich Terry called the meeting to order.   The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.

     In the absence of the treasurer, John Beck, Rich read the financial report.  We have a balance of  $3542.00.  The report was approved.  Rich
announced that John Beck was resigning as treasurer and we will need someone to fill that position.

     Banquet tickets and raffle tickets are available.  Sign the sheet if you take any so you won't be mailed another packet.

     The chapter pays for the trout stocking in the spring and fall. Rich asked if members would see him to donate toward the stocking. The
stocking will be February 28, if everything is OK.  It will be mostly 10 inch fish with a few bigger ones.

     The Lancaster Fly Show is March 1 and 2.  Since our chapter has a booth more help is needed.  There is discount parking available.

     Our chapter fly tying class is every Tuesday.  (except meeting night._)  The time is 7:30 to 9 p.m.

     Denis Mora reported  that Saturday, March 8 the Pennypack Environmental Center on Veree Rd will host a "Trout Fest".  Many groups
are sponsoring this, including our chapter.  It will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  There will be fly tying demonstrations, talks about the
Pennypack Creek and on how to catch trout.  It will be held indoors.  Tyers are needed.

      Mike Wilson reported that this year's Colorado trip is set. Mike wants to know how many are interested in float trips.

     Mike said more help could be used at the Lancaster Fly Show.

     Rich said the Penn's Creek outing will be April 10-13.  Dick said there's a lot of cleaning up to do by that time.

     The business meeting concluded.  Rich said everyone should check out the  tables displaying items for sale at our chapter's flea market.

     Respectfully submitted,

     Bill McNamara.




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